Vivaldi & Palmeri GLORIA

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Tango music, with its palpitating, rhythmic and sensual motion, is now going to be incorporated into sacred music to glorify the almighty.

With choral music and Tango both highly appealing artistically, Hong Kong Youth Choir aims at introducing the composer Palmeri and his “sacred tangos” to the public. The collaboration of the two genres is a rarity in Hong Kong, but the amalgam between sacred praises and (seeming) earthly rhythm will surely open an uncharted horizon on how godly praises can be.
The composer, singer, pianist, and conductor Martin Palmeri was born in Buenos Aires in 1965, famous for incorporating the melody, harmony and rhythm of Tango into the choral genre. To further introduce the musical idiom of Tango, he composed a number of liturgical music in the style of Tango.  As the pandemic is sort of still on, the Choir hopes that some pulsating rhythm will surely move us and draw us back to our instinctual quest in dancing with motion under the creator’s realm.