Bring the FIRE, taking back financial freedom (SOLD OUT)

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Are you ready for our next HoneyTalks event powered by CurrencyFair? On the agenda for 24 September – bring the FIRE and take back financial freedom

It’s no secret. We’re all about the good life. And what sounds better than financial freedom! <insert hallelujah chorus> Our ultimate networking event HoneyTalks is back. This time we’ve teamed with the good guys at CurrencyFair and we’re talking money. Turns out, financial freedom is for everyone and it is most certainly possible! 

Join our thought-provoking and perhaps life-changing discussion that aims to give you back your financial freedom. Let’s have a think about digital nomadism, the gig economy and the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement and its real impact on the future of work, life and retirement. Get inspired to explore unconventional career paths and lifestyle movements like minimalism to create your own stability… and perhaps even retire early. 

As always, we’ve called in the experts, the rule-breakers and the impact makers to educate and inspire change. Say hello to our keynote speaker – one of the world’s best-known investment speakers Andrew Hallam. A former teacher in Singapore, he’s now a digital nomad living a semi-retired life off his investment portfolio and travelling the world with his wife. Joining him on the panel is another digital nomad Andrea Edwards, founder of The Digital Conversationalist and Marielle Reussink, entrepreneur and founder of The EMMS. 

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