Zenegeist is a page established to share music from every corner of the world. One day, we, a bunch of enthusiastic music lovers, decided to set up this Facebook page for sharing latest music news, music review, gig guide, songs and lyric poetry. We hope this page could guide all of you to a different world, a new world explored through music. An often asked question : Why are we called 'Zenegeist'? It is a portmanteau word which combined by 'Zene' (Hungarian word for 'Music') and 'Geist' (German word for 'Spirit'). Similar to the Deutsch word 'Zeitgeist', a synonym commonly used for new trends of different cultural aspects. Our Chinese name 「識你佳」 means 'Good to know you'. This fits with our mission - to find your soul mate in the world of music!,

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