22 Ships

It is in nod to an ancient cattle breed and a preview to a slew of specials, that 22 Ships’ own Aaron Gillespie and heritage foods purveyor, Bennet Lee, will present a two night dinner series, #EATRARE on August 14th & 15th. Held at 22 Ships’ chef counter, this interactive format blurs the boundaries between kitchen and dining room, chef and diner. The ticketed event will showcase speciality beef from Belted Galloways aka “Belties” from Whitewater Dash, a small family farm located within the beautiful Lake District National Park, England - now a UNESCO world heritage site. Farmer James Irving will hand select and send two of his best "Belties” for Chef Gillespie to showcase via way of six course tapas dinner. This ancient breed, thought to go back as far as the 11th century, originated in the neighbouring region of Galloway, Scotland. Both Lake District and Galloway share similar wet cold climate and rugged hill country that the Belted Galloway has been uniquely adapted to. Like its ancestors, James Irving’s “Belties” are left to roam all year round on the fells regardless of rain, hail, snow or wind, while grazing purely on the mountain grasses and herbs, which imparts a wonderful flavour to the beef. It is the hope of both chef and purveyor that they can bring a greater appreciation to Hong Kong for a rare breed, that despite decades of agro-alimentary industrialisation, has managed to survive and is essential to the future of sustainable agriculture. Guests can expect playful combinations from Gillespie, like “Reuben Toastie”, Cheek and Tail, Tortellini with bone broth and Roast Sirloin with brisket and marrow sauce - all designed to best showcase the authentic flavours of James’ “Belties”. The dishes will also be available a la carte on both evenings, and feature on the specials board until mid September, or until sold out.

22 Ship Street,
Wan Chai