WISE HK was founded in 2017 to encourage our women and girls to participate in and stay playing sports by promoting the benefits of sports. We aim to empower our women and girls to lead active, meaningful and self-fulfilled lives. Our vision is a world where women and girls can thrive without limitations and we believe sports are a powerful tool for empowerment and support our health and well-being. We believe women and girls should be able to participate in the sport of their choice and enjoy it throughout their lives so they that can benefit from the physical, mental and social benefits that playing sport can provide, as well as be able to use sports to build, practice and enhance life skills such as resilience, perseverance, communication and more, that will enable us to thrive. We believe that by promoting all sports to women and girls in Hong Kong, by providing more access to sports, by empowering women and girls to take charge and lead in organising and managing sports, we will foster their lifelong participation and enjoyment of and in sports, as well as raise women's leadership in sports. This will translate into achieving higher levels of social-emotional competencies such as emotional and mental resilience, self-esteem and self-awareness, as well as higher levels of life skills attainment, which in turn will translate into higher personal satisfaction, and personal impact in their community economically, participatively and healthily.

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