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Dr. Grant Kruhly has been studying and training in his multi-discipline crafts of Health, Quantum Science, Personal Development (the areas of awakening, business success and goal achievement, psychology, stress, athletic performance, martial prowess), Consciousness and Brain Research, Classical Japanese Sword, Zen, Aikido, Oneness and Deeksha, Energy Psychologies, Brain Reprogramming, Military Science, Biology, Ecosystems, and Spiritual Mystical Experiences for over 51 years.

Depth Healing represents the apex of all the studies and training mentioned above and stands on the shoulders of the brilliant late Dr. Ted Morter and Dr. George Goodheart Jr, the remarkable work of Dr. Sarah Childre, and the Peerless Spiritual Mystic Wisdom of Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan.

92/1 Moo 10, T. On Tai, ,
A. Sankampaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50130

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