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The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is all about providing high-quality networking, information, and advocacy in service of our members. And, like Hong Kong itself, AmCham is aggressively international – • We are “an American Chamber with international characteristics.” That means all our events create networking environments that attract people from a rich variety of national, ethnic, religious, and business backgrounds. Conversation is never boring! • Our events deal with local, regional, and global issues. Great speakers, panels, seminars, and conferences keep you and your business on top of best practices, emerging trends, and need-to-know facts to succeed in Asia. • Our advocacy activities target government officials primarily in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Washington, but we also address business issues throughout Asia, from Japan to India, in response to member needs. Each month, you are able to choose from a schedule filled with terrific events, committee activities, and government meetings – and can also enjoy our monthly cocktail parties and nine annual “signature” events, including golf tournaments and the AmCham Ball. AmCham has been operating in Hong Kong for more than 40 years. Beyond serving our members, we have always played a constructive role in helping this great city build upon its unique international status and global importance. Hong Kong and AmCham share the values of private enterprise, free trade, rule of law, ethical and responsible business practices, transparency, and the free flow of information. If you embrace these values and want to be part of the action, I urge you to join us and take advantage of the extraordinary people, activities, and spirit that is AmCham! To learn more, please contact our membership team at

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