How to count one to ten Live In Hong Kong 2015

co-starring band:LOVEFACE (HK)

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How To Count One To Ten (JP)

There's no vocals to our music. Neither is there a lead part. It's not an exaggeration to say that there's no starring role to our music. Each musical part plays a supporting role to create a melody that is the single theme. Each part is made from the interpretation of the composition, which means that deep thought is put into the point, strength, and timing of the picking. It is holding your breath as if to dive 2000 meters into the deep sea and gradually changing everything into pressure, namely, concentration. The deeper you dive, the more obvious the displacement of the rhythm becomes, making you able to feel the ultra-delicate nuance between the notes. Then, the sense of time is stretched out to make a second feel infinitely long. Even the "gap" of a fraction of a second of a composition at 180 BPM feels long and bears importance.

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LOVEFACE is a rock trio from Hong Kong, formed in 2010.
The band consists of Jackson Ng, Wilson So and Lung Shing, who have been developing their essence and exploring different possibilities since their formation.

The trio is heavily influenced by a variety of music genres, from Alternative rock bands like Nirvana and Radiohead, to experimental musicians like Bjork and Ryuichi Sakamoto. LOVEFACE does not simply limit themselves by their music genre. On the contrary, the band opts to spontaneously originate from their everyday life. ”Our music is a way to express feeling. It is usually not about something specific, but feelings towards...everything, as a whole. An indirect way to speak.” Drummer Lung Shing said.

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