Last Supper: Film Screening and Discussion

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- Cake, sake, and cigarettes

- Green bean soup, fast food apple pie, dumplings, and lychee

- Fried chicken, French fries, tea, coffee, chocolate ice cream, and a soft -drink

What do these meals have in common?

These are all true examples of the final meal of death row inmates

October 10 is the World Day Against Death Penalty. This year we are hosting a Human Rights Friday focusing on the death penalty.

Join us for a film screening of “The Last Supper: The Life of the Deathrow Chef”, there will be a buffet dinner and a post-film discussion on the death penalty.



日期 Date:14/10/2016(星期五 Friday)

時間 Time:1930-2230(晚餐、《最後的晚餐》紀錄片放映、映後討論)

(Dinner, film screening, post-film discussion)

地點 Location:TC2 Cafe 太子柏樹街23號地下G/F 23 Cedar Street, Prince Edward

收費 Price: $160 (每位/ per person)

名額 Quota:50位/ people



Organizer: Abolish to death penalty group, Amnesty International Hong Kong




紀錄片簡介 Brief on documentary film

最後的晚餐 The Last Supper: The Life of the Deathrow Chef



導演:Lars Bergstrom & Mats Bigert


In English with Chinese subtitles

Director: Lars Bergstrom & Mats Bigert


我們進食,為了生存;死囚進食,迎向死亡。最後的晚餐對死囚來說,究竟蘊含了甚麼意義?導演Lars Bergstrom及Mats Bigert想要呈現的是,在同一餐桌上,這禮儀所給予的,是人類的恩典與祝福,抑或是人類的殘暴與偽善?本片讓我們從歷史角度探索最後晚餐的原意與現代意義的差別,賦予了新角度去看待「死刑」。


It is absolutely normal that we eat in order to survive; but for death row inmates, eating can be a prelude to death. What are the meanings of the “last supper” to them? “To confront this paradoxical ritual is to be drawn into a debate about how human mercy and cruelty can share the same dinner table,” say directors Lars Bergstrom and Mats Bigert. In this documentary, we gaze through the historical meanings of the “last supper” as well as the contemporary use of this ritual, to understand the death penalty from a new perspective.