Happy Valley Cemeteries Walk - May 27

Sat 27th May / 01:45 PM
Sat 27th May / 05:00 PM
Jason Wordie Walks
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Hong Kong

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Happy Valley contains one of Hong Kong Island’s most unexpected urban

contradictions. Just across the way from the Hong Kong Jockey Club's racetrack, a

picturesque string of cemeteries accommodates the dead of various religions: Muslim,

Roman Catholic, Hindu and in the Hong Kong Cemetery (formerly known as the

Colonial Cemetery) the graves are mostly - but not entirely – of Protestant Europeans;

Russian Orthodox and followers of other religions without their own dedicated burial

ground find a final resting place. Numerous pre-war Japanese residents are buried

here – many graves are of young women.

On this walk we will explore the Hong Kong (Colonial) Cemeteries, and along the way

learn about the contributions made by various distinct ethnic communities, over the

past century and a half,to Hong Kong’s social and economic development.

For more information please go to: www.jasonwordie.com

Meeting details will be sent to you when your booking is received.

Please note this walk is not suitable for those under the age of 15 and is also not

suitable for dogs.