OC2S x NEON LIT MUSIC proudly present - H ZETTRIO - Mysterious Superheroes Tour 2018 〜 SPECIAL STAGE

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H ZETT M’s unique & technical style called “zero-gravity playing” resonates with a keen sense of

originality and produces ensemble with sharp-rhythm sections by H ZETT NIRE (double bass/red nose)

& H ZETT KOU (drums/silver nose).These 3 guys remain loyal to outstanding music & groove anyone

else can’t make.

After astonishing stage performance at “Montreux Jazz Festival 2014” in Switzerland, one of the

world’s top 3 jazz festivals, this piano trio has acted at a large number of big festivals in Japan and

overseas. All 25 released singles so far hit first place in Jazz chart of iTunes. 3rdAlbum ”PIANO

CRAZE” released on Sep 7, 2016 since they introduced 2nd one in November 2015.

In 2016, their music was used for the movie in Rio Olympic closing ceremony,Japanese Prime Minister

“Shinzo Abe” turned into “Mario.”

In 2017, they released six titles of music in a row form April, and succeeded thirty-four concerts on

national tour. Also, they released the concept album”Christmas Songs of H ZETTRIO” at the first time.

In this year, they will publish much-awaited 4th album”Mysterious Superheroes” with two

version:”EXCITING FLIGHT Ver.”and “DYNAMIC FLIGHT Ver.” for the first time in one and half years.

“What’s Next” which is used for the Commercial song of NEC note PC 「LAVIE Note NEXT」will be

recorded in two version of album, and “Playin’ Swingin’ !!! H ZETTRIO!!! “ which is used for PS4®

Lineup Music Video (instrumental ver.) will be recorded in “EXCITING FLIGHT Ver.”

Speculation is rife over H ZETT M (piano/blue nose); he might be Masayuki Hiizumi (ex. PE’Z), and

also HZM (keyboards/piano) of original member of “Tokyo Incidents”, a band led by Ringo Sheena

(singer/songwriter). Though his answer is always in a blur.