I Will Not Be Silenced

Human Rights in the World

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I Will Not Be Silenced

Director: Judy Rymer‧2015‧English‧84mins‧Chinese subtitles

One young Australian woman, Charlotte Campbell Stephen’s horrific gang rape has led to a seven-year battle for justice with the Kenyan legal system culminating in a highly publicized court case. Rape victims rarely report rapes and do not testify against their attackers in Kenya because they fear for their lives.

Her indomitable strength had brought many silenced women out of the dark to stand at her side. Charlotte’s case is a test case for the women of Kenya and the reformers in the Kenyan legal system.



Free Screening Schedule

24/9    六 Sat 14:30   AAF  *

6/10    四 Thu 19:30   WECONs  *

24/11    四 Thu 19:30   HKS  *

* 嘉賓將出席映後座談會 Post-screening discussion with guest




Address for free screening in the Community


AAF | 新婦女協進會 | The Association for the Advancement of Feminism


G/F, No. 120, Lai Yeung House, Lei Cheng Uk Estate, Kowloon


HKS | 香港故事館 | Hong Kong House of Stories

藍屋後空地 (不設座位,可席地而坐或自備座墊/凳仔)


Courtyard behind the Blue House (No seats, you may bring your sitting mat)

8 King Sing Street, WanChai


WECONs | 天經地義生活館

九龍太子道西204號 1 樓

No. 204 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok


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電影節官方網址: http://hrfilm.amnesty.org.hk/

HRDFF Official Website: http://hrfilm.amnesty.org.hk/


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