Jam Festival - The Silence in Between

Music Festival for Hong Kong Young and Alternative Music

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Jam Festival is the music festival organised by music platform JamintheRoom Entertainment, which aims to provide opportunities to young and indie musicians in Hong Kong and give audiences more alternatives in music. For the very first Jam Festival event, JamintheRoom entitled the event "The Silence in Between", a famous saying from Mozart on the soul of music, as everyone of us in society has faced a certain kind of "silence" during the COVID-19 situation. During these silent days and nights, musicians are digging more into their own thoughts, their views on how the city is going and how life is going on; musicians are reflecting on their own music through the experience. In this live show, we are showing the reflections of 4 music units - Sian, a 15 year-old vocalist on lo-fi alternatives; Kylis, an pop-electronica vocalist; His Story, the local alternative rock quartet and Unto The Dawn, the metalcore power machine in Hong Kong underground scene - through their music and new compositions during the silence they faced.