Japanese Tea Tasting in Hong Kong

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Ms. Yuki Futami, a Japanese who lives in Hong Kong, has been practicing the Japanese way of tea (Chado) in the past 9 years. In that time, she became fascinated by how different types of tea leaves impact the taste of the teas. Yuki wishes to share this and the unique Japanese tea cultural experience in a fun and interactive 1.5 hour session.

The session will start with a demonstration of key steps of preparing Japanese tea, and discussing various facets of links between Japanese teas and Japanese culture in general. Participants will then take part in a tea-tasting game, trying several types of Japanese teas, then trying them again in a different order, and being asked to identify each type by their colors, tastes, and aroma. As they wish, participants will describe, and hand sketch any images that come to mind best reflecting each type!

The venue is a 1-min walk from Sheung Wan MTR (Mass Transit Railway) station Exit A1.