Premium Sake Tasting: 而今Jikon丨MYICELLAR

Live in the Present and Drink Sake

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Jikon is truly a superstar of Japan’s sake renaissance and an exemplar of small-batch artisanal brewing. Top sake bars and izakaya attract discerning customers with prominently displayed signs announcing, “We have Jikon!” It is, without question, one of the most celebrated and popular sakes of our time. 

 “6th generation owner-brewmaster Tada Onishi took over his small family sake brewery in 2003 at the age of 27, and began to search for a way to distinguish his sake. 
Bucking prevailing trends he trusted his own taste and began to produce a bright and slightly acidic sake with incredible layers and depth from his extremely careful koji making. The results have produced one of the most awarded sake of recent years, sought after by both connoisseurs and chefs who appreciate its vibrant energy and subtle nuances of texture and flavor.”
We are pleased to have Jikon Tasting on 1st December(Thur). Join us and taste the charm from the sake Superstar!


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