The Comedy Club Asia’s Jolly July Show – 6 July 2017

Blu Jaz Cafe

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Ron Josol is a rapid fire comic who paints accurate scenarios from his walks in everyday life. As an keen observer, he combines a one-liner speed with story telling presentation which makes Ron one the hottest and vibrant acts today. Ron has taken his comedy in every corner of the world, performing in the UK, Scandinavia, Carribean, Asia, Middle east, Australia and USA.

He has performed in many festivals around the world including for the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival four times. He has taped 2 specials in Canada, 2 specials in show time Arabia, a show time special in the USA and recently filmed “Gotham Comedy Live” in New york on the ASXtv Channel in an episode of Last Call with Carson Daly on NBC.




Joanna Sio is an improviser and a stand-up comedian. She was a performing member with the Amsterdam-based comedy group Easylaughs and has performed stand-up and improv comedy with the People’s Liberation Improv at Takeout Comedy HK. She is the Runner Up at the 2012 HK International Comedy Competition, becoming the first female comedian to achieve such accolade. She has performed live stand-up in Australia, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Netherlands. She was invited to perform in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 to be part of the inaugural Comedy Zone Asia, a showcase of established and emerging comedy talents in Asia. Other than performing stand-up comedy, she also directs and plays in a Singapore-based improv comedy troupe “The Latecomers“.




Perennial globetrotter Marcus Ryan is a gifted storyteller with a natural comic bent and has featured at so many festivals and clubs around the world it’s hard to know where home is these days. One thing’s for sure, he’s right at home on stage. A laid back yet engaging stage presence, Marcus charms his audiences with a sharp wit and tales from the road, having performed in over 40 countries in 6 continents, even gigs in Spanish!

Though Australian born, Marcus is not one to stay still. Often based in Canada & the UK and a regular on club circuits across North America and Europe as well as frequenting festivals world-wide. It is the solo work however where he thrives. Never shy of a challenge, continually carving his own path, bringing English speaking comedy to communities, cities & even countries that have never had it before! Completing epic journeys through South East Asia & Latin America and becoming the first person in history to perform English speaking stand-up comedy in Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Uruguay & Paraguay.