HKI Presents: Improv Workshops with Jonathan Pitts

Two great workshops with award-winning improv teacher

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Hong Kong Improv is very happy to present two great workshops led by Chicago based award-winning international improv artist Jonathan Pitts!

Jonathan has taught and performed internationally in 12 countries, as well as all over America (including at The Second City in Chicago) and now he brings over 30 of experience to teach two workshops here in Hong Kong!

Workshop #1 - Characters 'R Us
Improv characters are microwaved rather than slow cooked like in scripted plays, so you can create, do and find many more through your physicality. This workshop uses a variety of physical exercises for the improviser to immediately develop a wide range of characters. These exercises also include finding the character's voice and exercises to incorporate a variety of characters in the same walking environment.

Saturday, June 1 from 3 - 6 pm Cost is HK$500

Workshop #2 - Scene Work: The Chicago Way
Chicago is famous for grounded, honest, relationship-based improvisation scene work that produces deep laughs and deep sighs as the audience is moved to both. This style of work requires acting, listening, openness, patience, and responding through a shared process of give and take. This workshop will feature a deep dive into this process of two-person scene work that will bring improvisers discovery upon discovery. As those shared discoveries pile up, the improvised scene becomes deep, full and funny. It's the Chicago way.

Sunday, June 2 from 3 - 6 pm Cost is HK$500

Special Offer! Purchase both workshops for only HK$800 - Save HK$200! :)