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It’s the fifth year of Duddell’s and a slew of fun things await. Join us for the first ever sitting of Karaoke Court in Hong Kong – a night out where litigants sing to settle their disagreements.

Previously in The Guardian, and touted as the perfect night for finding the overlap between karaoke and Judge Judy, Karaoke Court is a work of performance art by London-based artist Jack Tan. Inspired by the Arctic Eskimo and Inuit tradition of song duels, where participants present grievances to the entire community for judgment in the form of humorous and satirical songs, Karaoke Court is now calling for audience aka jury who will help decide which litigant wins. Overseen by a former magistrate, the processes and decisions of the court are made legally binding via the participants’ signing of an arbitration contract.

The evening’s festivities will include Duddell’s signature dim sum dinner, drinks, music, costumes, and of course opportunities to sing karaoke! Places are limited. Buy your ticket now to join the jury audience.

For more information, visit www. karaokecourt.com or email programs@duddells.co.

Ticket includes entry, dim sum station and one drink.

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