Keyboards of Beethoven’s Time Lecture Demonstration ( Host: Jos van Immerseel)

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While Beethoven’s music has been preserved through manuscripts, instruments has evolved tremendously in the past 250 years. Keyboard instrument has evolved from harpsichord to fortepiano during Beethoven’s lifetime, both instruments are the predecessor of the modern piano. Has this keyboard evolution affects the interpretation of Beethoven’s music?

Changes of instrument’s structure, materials and mechanism affect the performer’s interpretation and audience appreciation. Historically informed performance is a way to trace back to the authentic sound of Beethoven, and to reproduce the different touch and tonal quality of the period-instrument. This brings a music experience more in line with the composer’s original idea.

This lecture-demonstration will be conducted by renowned keyboard expert Jos van Immerseel to demonstrate Beethoven’s music on harpsichord and fortepiano, highlighting Beethoven’s skilful adaptation when he composed on different keyboard instruments.  A modern piano will also be used as a comparison during the recital.

How much had been “lost in translation” in this keyboard evolution? Come join us and discover the authentic Beethoven.

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