Kin's Kitchen Sake Pairing Dinner丨 MYICELLAR

Feel the Perfect Match between Guangdong Cuisine and Sake

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We are honoured to host an unique sake dinner on 8th December, 2022, in Kin's Kitchen, one of the most renowned Chinese restaurants in town, serving authentic Guangdong Cuisine mix with traditional and modern technique.

Since its opening in 2004, Kin's Kitchen has been striving to serve the best Chinese cuisine.

Kin's Kitchen believe in the coexistence of traditional cooking and modernist approach. While they treasures the wisdom of our ancestor and insist on cooking classical dishes in the traditional way, they embrace creativity and modern techniques, such as using the sous vide technique.

Also, they insist on using the best local ingredients available in the market as well as sourcing them from local farmers, butchers, condiment makers and other producers.

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