Kennedy Town History Walk

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At the extreme western end of Hong Kong Island, Kennedy Town is often overlooked. Built heritage from the nineteenth century, surviving examples of inter-war architectural styles, temples and some very significant military relics all await further exploration.

Much built evidence of former times still remains, tucked away amongst new development. One of the most surprising sites to be visited is the Lo Pan Temple, on the steep network of hillside terraces between Kennedy Town and Hong Kong University. Marvelously unexpected, the tranquil setting is an added bonus.

Long-established shops and other businesses add to the district’s bustling atmosphere – some have been in operation for decades.

Other points of historical and cultural interest abound, including an exploration of the last remaining stretch of rocky shoreline on the northern coast of Hong Kong Island. Kennedy Town is changing dramatically and a walk around this corner of Hong Kong should be undertaken sooner rather than later.

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Please note this walk is not suitable for those under the age of 15 and is also not suitable for dogs.