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LaughterLaughs @ the Aftermath returns after five long months! The best and brightest stand-up comedians in Hong Kong, all on one show! Featuring Rose Rage, Pete Grella, Tamby Chan, Isabella Charleton, Bryan Bentley, Dannie Higginbotham, Tim Lam, Chris Musni, and this month's headliner: Ryan Hynek! Ryan Hynek is a Chicago native who’s been yucking it up on the Asia Comedy circuit since 2007. Knowing that comedy won’t pay the rent in his 300 foot ‘deluxe’ apartment in the sky, Ryan works full-time as a secondary school English teacher. He’s the first to admit that he uses his students as guinea pigs for his brand of observational humor and finds success in their puzzled looks. He’s a top three finalist in the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival and has played clubs around the world from Chicago to Hanoi. You can find Ryan poking around the comedy clubs in HK most weekends. 
"Very likeable and Very funny! Kills every time!” 
- Jami Gong 
Founder, TakeOut Comedy 
"One of my favorite comedians to watch live. Guaranteed to get people to stay at your cruise ship bar 30 minutes longer." 
- Turner Sparks 
Founder, Kung Fu Komedy 
* Best Feature Comedian - Comedy.HK