Let them eat Cake!

An afternoon of 18th-century French music, based on the life of the Queen Marie-Antoinette

Sunday, 21st May, 2017. First show: 3 - 4pm Second show: 6 - 7pm
Comix Homebase (4/F Exhibition venue)
7 Mallory St, Wan Chai
Hong Kong

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Cake will be served at this semi-staged concert themed around the life of the maligned Queen Marie-Antoinette. Although badly educated, music was her passion. Not only could she read music, but she could sing and play the harp; she would often play lullabies on the instrument to soothe her son. Her patronage also brought many celebrated musicians to the French court. 


Through a selection of 18th-century songs-- including two composed by the queen herself--the harp and voice duo Reine hope to illuminate different aspects of her life neglected in popular culture, and tell a story of a gifted music-lover, as well as a devoted sister and mother.