Absurd Creation is 1 Presents: 重火力 - Madpete x Matt Force

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Absurd Creation is almost one year old, to celebrate, we are going to throw a hip-hop party live at XXX, featuring Madpete (Groove Bunny) and Matt Force (Wild$tyle) as the co-headliners with special guests to be announced.

Anyone who is familiar with Cantonese hip-hop should already be aware of Groove Bunny Record's Pete Chen - The veteran hip hop producer from the southern side of China joined force with Chee Production's Madprole from GuangZhou to form the group Madpete. With little doubt, the end result of their collaboration have eventually proved themselves to be one of the dopest Cantonese boom bap duo in history.

Out of many youngsters rising up from the Hong Kong Hip Hop scene, Matt Force from Wild$tyle Records has been one of the brightest newcomers that leads the way of the movement. Through his uncompromising lyrics writings together with his signature aggressive MC style, he never ceases to challenge the status-quo of the post-colonial Hong Kong politics.

Be expected to endure the cross-firing between the two MCs of two regions which shall volatile an antagonistic battle vibe in the best possible way imaginable.

Advance/ Student: $120

Walk-in: $150