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This 90-minute event will start with Yuki demonstrating key steps of preparing and whisking Matcha. Participants will then whisk, taste, and contrast two kinds of organic Matcha (from Nara and Kagoshima, Japan) together with Okashi (Japanese sweets), write down their observations on a tea tasting sheet, and discuss the contrast in aroma, taste, after-taste, and texture between the two Matcha’s.

We’ll then watch "ごちそう茶事 Gochiso Chaji - A Film About Japanese Tea" by Makoto Takatsu (2021, 52 minutes, Japanese with English subtitles), a film which tells stories of tea growers, blenders, retailers, tea shop owners, and others involved in Japanese tea, how they became passionate about what they do, and the opportunities and challenges they face (With screening permission from the film director).

Due to COVID-19, we will hold this event virtually. About 1 week before the event date, we will arrange a mutually convenient time and place to pass on a Matcha event pack to each participant. The pack will include: 4x bags of Organic Matcha powder from Japan (Note: 2 bags for use during this event, with 2x extra bags for each guest to enjoy at a later time at home), 2x small tea powder scrapers, 1x pack of Okashi (Japanese sweets) to enjoy with the Matcha’s during the event, and 1x tasting sheet. 

You’ll need a Chasen (Japanese tea whisk) for the event. If you have one already, please use it, or you can choose the option below at checkout to buy 1x high-end Chasen (from Nara, Japan) from us by adding it at the check-out section.

We’ll also email details to each participant about how to use the pack during the event and things to prepare. A Google Meet or similar link, as well as a separate web link to view the film, will be emailed to confirmed participants ahead of time.

The session will be held in English and Japanese. Yuki can speak Mandarin and can understand Cantonese reasonably well.

About Yuki: Ms. Yuki Futami, a Japanese who lives in Hong Kong, has been practicing the Japanese way of tea (Chado) in the past 13 years and is certified by the Nihoncha Instructor Association (Japan) as a tea instructor. Since 2017, Yuki has been invited to perform tea demonstrations at corporate and public events in Hong Kong (see web links below). Yuki wishes to share the unique Japanese tea cultural experience with participants in fun and interactive events.

Yuki’s IG and media and related links of previous similar events:

IG: @yukifutami.tea

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