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We are delighted to announce that Lama Ole Nydahl will be visiting Hong Kong from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th February 2017 to give teachings on Meditation and The Great Seal (Skt. Mahamudra / Tib. Chag Chen).


我們很榮幸能邀請 喇嘛奧尼 於2月3日(星期五)至2月5日(星期日)蒞臨香港開示禪修及大手印。


Meditation: The Key to Lasting Happiness - 禪修:永恆快樂的要訣


In Buddhism, meditation means “effortlessly remaining in what is.” This state may be brought about by calming and holding the mind, by realising compassion and wisdom, or by working with the body’s energy channels and meditating on Buddha forms. The most effective methods are the constant identification with one’s own potential to be a Buddha and experiencing the richness of every situation in life; both of which are taught in Diamond Way Buddhism. Meditation is focused on fully developing our potential and brings about lasting results for those who not only want to learn about their minds, but have a direct experience of it.




The Great Seal: Limitless Space and Joy - 大手印:空無邊處及無限的喜悅


The Great Seal is the crown jewel of the Buddha’s teachings and was taught by him to fully awaken mind’s potential and to seal its enlightened nature, an experience of limitless space and bliss. When one rests in the totality of the seer, what is seen and the act of seeing at all times, the goal, Mahamudra, is reached. Including basis, way and goal, it brings about the direct experience of mind’s enlightened nature. Lama Ole Nydahl will give his contemporary commentary on the Great Seal Wishes, a classic Mahamudra text composed by the Third Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje (1284–1339).


大手印是珍貴的教法,是佛陀曾經親自教導的教法,是令修行者能圓滿證覺的教法,是能體驗空無邊處及大樂的教法。安住在心的本質,同時能覺及安住於實相的體驗,是了悟大手印。修持大手印能直接了悟心的根本本質,即佛性(如來藏)。 喇嘛奧尼將以現代的手法演繹開示第三世噶瑪巴讓烱多傑 (1284 – 1339)《大手印願文》。


The weekend course will start with an introductory talk on Friday evening. Over the weekend, Lama Ole will introduce The Great Seal and the progressive stages which lead to this state. There will also be several talks given by experienced Diamond Way Buddhist teachers and guided meditations throughout the course.


講座於星期五黃昏開始。 喇嘛奧尼將於週末向大家教授大手印及修行的方法。此外,金剛乘佛教中心的其他導師亦會教授其他禪修方法。


We look forward to seeing you there!




Schedule - 節目時間:


Meditation: The Key to Lasting Happiness (with Lama Ole) – Friday 3rd February, 7.00pm


Buddhism in Every Day Life – Saturday 4th February, 10.00am


The Great Seal: Limitless Space and Joy (with Lama Ole) – Saturday 4th February, 3.00pm


Working with Disturbing Emotions – Sunday 5th February, 10.00am


The Great Seal: Limitless Space and Joy (with Lama Ole) – Sunday 5th February, 3.00pm


禪修 (喇嘛奧尼) – 2月3日(星期五) 晚上7時正


日常生活的佛學智慧 – 2月4日(星期六) 早上10時正


大手印 (喇嘛奧尼) – 2月4日(星期六) 下午3時正


煩惱與情緒的處理 – 2月5日(星期日) 早上10時正


大手印 (喇嘛奧尼) – 2月5日(星期日) 下午3時正


Event Information - 活動資訊


Full course: HK$500 


Individual talks: HK$120


Venue: Bradbury School, 43C Stubbs Road, HK.


The talks will be in English, translation into Cantonese will be provided.


完整講座(共五節): 港幣$500 


每節講座: 港幣$120 


地址: 香港司徒拔道43號C白普理小學


講座將以英語進行 (屆時大會提供即時粵語翻譯)