Miku Yonezawa x Yuki Enomoto Super Session

HKT: 02.05 (Fri) Open: 19:45 Start: 20:00 ⇨ 02.12 (Fri)

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[Miku Yonezawa]
Her fifth jazz standard collection "Dawnibg Blue" has been ranked number one in the top seller for 93 days since its release in the Amazon Japan Jazz category.
She also released her first major work "Exotic Gravity" on her King Records.
Both albums won the Album Of The Year in the 2019 JAZZ JAPAN AWARD New Star category.
She participated in a national tour of TAKURO (GLAY).
He is also active in parallel with the most notable new group "Project M", which leads the next-generation jazz scene.
She also serves as a radio personality.
D’Addario Woodwinds Japan certified artist.

[Yuki Enomoto]
Born in 1996. Born in Osaka.
She entered Osaka College of Music, and while she was a student, she studied under Mitsuhiro Furuya.
January 26, 2020 Her first album "Moonlight" is released.
She has expanded her range of activities in various genres such as her own live activities, backing band support for major idol groups, and TV appearances.

Miku Yonezawa (Sax) Yuki Enomoto (Sax)
Etsuji Ogawa (G)Hiroshi Okamoto (Key) Koichi Osamu (B) Ken Hatae (D)

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