Ocean Appreciation Week

Ocean Film Festival 2015

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The HK Ocean in Motion Film Festival features world class short and long films of excitement, adrenaline, humour and nature in our ocean.
Capturing the beauty and the challenges facing our ocean today, these moving snapshots showcase a world beneath and beyond the waves. Films come from all over the world, taking viewers inside rip curls, through coral reefs, and far out to sea.

Partnering with the Ocean Film Festival - Australia, we will have five nights of shows that you won't want to miss - each one totally different, with multiple short/long films screened each night so that you will witness a world-class mixture of the best on offer from the "big blue'.

17th April
19th April
All Films in English

Present the ticket stub to enjoy Buy-One-Get-One-Free upon purchase of any handcrafted beverage at any HK Pacific Coffee during April.