Of Mice and Men

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*Pre-sale ends on September 20th, 2015.

Written by the Nobel Prize-winner, it’s a modern fable about human living. Penetrating into the lives of peasants, they are struggling for their fate. Regardless men or mice, the best planning always comes to nothing?

During the Great Depression in America, the ranch workers are the most lonesome men in the world, living a dull life. Among them, George and Lennie have a beautiful dream, subtly inspiring one worker after another to take part in it,. Meanwhile, the wife of the boss’s son can’t beat the solitude. She decides to tell Lennie, a humble, simple-minded man, a secret……

Playwright:John Steinbeck

Director:Terence Chang

Translation & Adaptation:Harriet Chung

Set and Costume Designer: Shybil Yuen

Lighting Designer: Adonic Law@ilight production

Cast: Karl Lee, Boon-Ho Sung, Peter Jordan, Cyrus Lee, Bosco Wong, Karen Chan, Michael Hung

Sound Designer: Michael Tang

Graphic Designer: Benny Leung