One Man Hamlet and Macbeth (May 6)

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Experience William Shakespeare’s great masterpieces Hamlet and Macbeth performed as a double bill by one actor.
Each show will be followed by an Audience Q & A with actor and director William Mann.

Considered by many to be Shakespeare’s greatest play, Hamlet is ordered by the ghost of his dead father to revenge his murder. Faced with the impossibility of the task, Hamlet’s world quickly breaks down into chaos and the boundaries between truth and deception, sanity and madness, life and death, start to unravel.

Macbeth is a dark and bloody drama of ambition, murder, guilt, and revenge. Tempted by the prophecy of three Witches that he will be king, Macbeth’s ambition drives him to betray everyone he knows and loves in his pursuit of absolute power, as he and Lady Macbeth lose themselves to passions of savagery and horror.

Presented as companion pieces, Hamlet and Macbeth exist in their own inner worlds where they suffer the agony and the ecstasy of their own thoughts, fears and visions.

A red carpet.
Wooden staves and candles.
One actor bare-foot and dressed in black with coloured scarfs for different 

To conjure in the mind of the audience a sacred space where the actor alone is sole priest and participant in the passion play of the trial, suffering and death of the tragic hero.

“violently intense, unbelievably powerful, staggeringly clever, this is stunningly effective theatre - a six star – no, a seven star show” *****
Fringe Review

“this is a performance you won’t forget – Mann’s Hamlet is absolutely enthralling” *****
Culture Vulture

“struggle, anguish and heartache – this is pure Macbeth” ***** ThreeWeeks