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Two classes for the price of one!  Look good for Valentine's day with your partner or friend!  

Mat & Reformer
This class will include Pilates Mat exercises with or without small equipments such as the foam roller and fitness circle before moving on to the Pilates Reformer machine to further intensify the workout with spring tension and resistance.

Core Suspend
Core Suspend and Pilates on the reformer machine combined! This class will challenge you and leave you feeling strong, long and lean! Strengthen those abdominal muscles and build those stabilizing muscles with core suspension training before moving on to the reformer to work on your arms and legs.

Pre-Natal Pilates
Specialist class designed for pre-natal clients. The class includes stretching and strengthening exercises on the mat and reformer machine which are safe and specifically designed for pregnant clients.

A challenging class combining reformer based exercises and jumping on the cardio tramp. Reformer exercises will focus on alignment and core exercises while the cardio tramp introduces a cardiovascular element to your workout. Jump your way to strong and leaner looking legs with this fun and challenging class.

Aerial Pilates
Aerial pilates is a functional training class essential for daily living, injury prevention
and athletic performance. Aerial pilates will target your core muscles, build strength and improve performance.

Stretch Pilates
Stretch out those tight and contracted muscles with this stretch class on the mat and using the reformer machine.

Choose any two classes from the weekends sessions from the schedule above for only $350! Booking in advance required. Please call us at 3188 8112 or email us at hk@options-studio.com.

Eligibility: Saturdays and Sundays in February 2017

Price: $350 for any two classes (non-refundable)

Duration: 55 minutes each class

Session type: Group classes

Validity: All sessions have to be completed by 28 February, 2017


About Options

A premium pilates-only studio conveniently located in Central. Not only do we offer 50 pilates classes a week, we are also a licensed training centre for Pilates Academy International, headquartered in New York.

For full class schedule, please visit our website. http://www.options-studio.com/indexhk.php