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DAHK meetings over the past few months have been designed to give participants a feeling for the frustration, anxiety and tension that learners with dyslexia can experience.

Now, on November 17 there will be a follow-up workshop "Overcoming Dyslexia" on ways teachers and parents can help learners surmount the obstacles highlighted in the F.A.T. City videos and the Experience Dyslexia simulation.

There will be small group discussions, led by experienced practitioners, on improving Reading, Writing and Listening Skills and how Assistive Technology can help.

The main purpose of the evening is to suggest strategies and give practical advice on helping learners overcome their difficulties, which will be useful to anyone with an interest in dyslexia. Therefore, while reference will be made to the previous week's simulation, and we hope that many Experience Dyslexia participants will be able to attend, the workshop is open to all.

Do come along and share your ideas with us.