Ovolo X Campari Negroni Masterclass

Learn to make a proper Negroni with Campari's ambassador

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The first ten ticket buyers will receive a special gift included in their masterclass kit.


In celebration of Negroni Week, Ovolo and Campari have partnered up to bring you an exclusive virtual Negroni masterclass. Hosted by Zoltan Konczol, Campari’s Regional Brand Ambassador, and Juan Gimenez, Ovolo’s very own F&B Manager, learn the craft and history behind a Negroni and how to properly make one at home.


Your ticket will get you:


•Access to the class via Zoom

•1 bottle of Campari 750ml

•1 bottle of Bulldog Gin 750ml

•1 bottle of Cinzano 1757 1000ml

•1 small bottle of infused mezcal

•Cocktail garnish

•1 mixing glass

•2 rock glasses


•Cocktail stirrer

•Tote bags

Ovolo and Campari has got you fully covered with this exclusive masterclass kit. The only thing you need to bring is yourself and some ice, unless you like your Negronis warm!


There’s no better way to stay safe than a cozy Saturday night in having home cooked food (or delivery) with the perfect drink in hand prepared by the very best – you! Become a master at Negronis as you finish off these bottles preparing Negronis for your group dinner party or even all for yourself.