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Pablo Valentino has been dj’ing since ’97 and spins anything that has soul, may it be jazz/funk, boogie/disco, house/techno soul or hip hop… but always trying to explode and explore the boundaries between all creating patterns past, present and future.
He’s the founder of FACES Records & MCDE Labels (together with Danilo Plessow). They release “quality” and not “quantity” records by such artists as Motor City Drum Ensemble, L’Aroye, The Revenge, Simbad, Mono/Poly, RedNose Distrikt, Kira Neris, grooveman Spot, just to name a few… Pablo is also producing music under different monikers: Hipster Wonkaz (with MCDE, on Ubiquity Recordings), Creative Swing Alliance (on MCDE, !K7 & Cityfly Records) or Kid sW!Ng’ (his solo hip hop project on Fl.Oz & Timothy Really Japan..