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The Light Burns Blue by Silva Semerciyan

Elsie Wright has never done well at school and though her drawings are extraordinary, a career as an artist isn’t something a girl from a village like Cottingley could aspire to. It’s 1917, there’s a war on and the constant news of deaths from the front are affecting every family in her village, including her own.

Elsie and her cousin, Frances are catapulted to the heights of fame, when they convince the world that they have taken photographs of fairies at the bottom of their garden! Their photographs are published around the world, even capturing the attention of celebrated author of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Light Burns Blue not only looks at the value of artistic expression & our desire to believe what we see, but how we cling to encouraging beliefs when coping with a world which is not a very nice place; a world deprived of opportunity, where families are decimated by war.

'Do you love what you do? Because I loved making the photographs. I loved the feeling of taking charge. Putting things in the frame, taking them out again. Writing with my eyes.' Elsie Wright

Originally commissioned by Tonic Theatre & Bristol Old Vic, Don’t miss this extraordinary look into the past.


The Beauty Manifesto by Nell Leyshon

Set in the future, the world of The Beauty Manifesto is a utopia of extreme physical conformity, where teenagers celebrate their birthdays with cosmetic surgery.

Jasmine and her sister Chloe are ambassadors for the manifesto and their father is the chief cosmetic surgeon. It is Silas’ birthday and the time has come for his transformation. The problem is, Silas can think for himself and believes the manifesto is designed to make young people so unhappy about their bodies that they accept they need change. 

The Beauty Manifesto explores living in a world of air brushed images and perfect bodies, and questions contemporary ideas of beauty. Difference is unacceptable and there is no excuse for imperfection, social pressure is everywhere, can someone find the strength to be the exception and the courage to be themselves?

Originally commissioned by The National Theatre, UK


Perception! 2 thought provoking pieces of theatre in one show questioning how we view the world!

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