HKI Presents: Improv Workshops with the Perryweerd Tour

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Hong Kong Improv is very happy to present two great workshops led by international improvisers Laura Doorneweerd-Perry and Gael Doorneweerd-Perry!

>>Gael co-founded Strasbourg’s main improv group La Carpe Haute, and spends his time teaching and performing improv in and outside of France. He is known for his sound effects -even in silent scenes- and his incomparable mimed fishing skills.
>>When Laura is not traveling the world, she can be found cycling the Amsterdam canals between her jobs as actress, trainer and AD of TVA Impro. She loves slow motion running, bloody fights and smoking. On stage, that is.
>>After getting married during the summer 2019, they decided to go on a one year travel around the world to work together. They now teach, perform and travel the globe for the entire season 2019-2020 in what they call the Perryweerd Tour.

Spaces are limited so book your tickets now! ;)

** Workshop #1 - Improv toolbox: Freeform, scene edits and organic transitions
We all love to see movies with smooth and gentle transitions. To see different pieces of a jigsaw fall in place, echoing previous themes in parallel dimensions. To follow a camera moving and jumping from a character to another without the viewer noticing it.

This is a workshop about transitions and edits, to create organic freeform shows, without any break. Using different techniques (from classical improv edits revisited to movie shots), you will learn different tools you can use to improve your freeform, longform or even shortform shows.

Saturday, March 14 from 2 - 5 pm Cost is HK$500

**Workshop #2 - Moving for Dummies
All you need on a stage to create magic is your body and the space. They are your best friends and they can be anything. In this workshops we will use the basic principles of dance, viewpoints and physical theatre to improve your improv skills.

The workshop goes more in-depth on physical theatre: moving, trusting your body, ensemble work and building the environment. A wonderful way to get out of your head, into your body and connected with your fellow improvisers. But most importantly: play great scenes.

Sunday, March 15 from 2 - 5 pm Cost is HK$500

Special Offer! Purchase both workshops for only HK$800 - Save HK$200! :)

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