#AfterDarkAndBeyond presents Pete Gooding

Support sets by Guiddo & Arun R

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Career’ is an odd word in the English language in that it has two totally opposing meanings. In relation to work, it suggests the steadily climbing of a metaphorical ladder or slowly but surely treading a well-worn path to a predetermined destination. On the other hand, it means to move at extremely high speed; racing along on the edge but somehow just about managing to maintain control. Pete Gooding’s life as a DJ has been a combination of the two.

His older sister was his earliest major influence. Firstly, lending him her copy of the House Sound Of Chicago compilation on London Records, which was to many people their first introduction to the world of House Music back in 1986. Later, on a family holiday in Ibiza, she took him to Amnesia where he heard Lil Louis’s French Kiss for the first time. 

“That was the moment I decided I wanted to buy records and fell in love with club culture.“

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$250 incl. 1 drink