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The South American Meat experts De La Valley will host its first launch event at Rhoda on 18th July. For one night only, Rhoda will treat guests to all you can eat Argentinian Meat, cooked open-fire at HK$498 per person. Plus Rhoda's famous Ginger biscuit trifle to end the meal.

With a heritage that dates back to 1563, Argentine Angus Beef is known around the world for its exceptional quality. Cattle bred in Argentina are grass fed and raised in an all natural environment with daily exercise, producing unparalleled cuts of meat.

A fan-favourite, Rhoda is a restaurant that prepares honest and bold food over a wood fire and charcoal. With dishes that inspire nostalgic memories of meals shared with one’s family, the restaurant’s open kitchen exudes a warm and inviting ambiance.

HK$498 per person

2-hour free-flow available for an additional HK$250.

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