Emotionally Focused Learning

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Emotions sit at the heart of learning. Feelings, and how they are expressed, have significant implications on the ways that students and teachers interact with school and school work. Intuitively, it is accepted that in order for a student to learn, the student must feel safe; for them to take a risk, they must feel a sense of security and acceptance. Yet, because of the complexity of researching emotions, there is little information on how to go about addressing emotion. Therefore, the intentions of this talk are to: highlight the role of emotion in learning; understand the role of feelings in initiating action and motivation; discover the differences between problem-focused and emotion-focused solutions; explore practical steps that teachers and parents could take to help students deal with the emotions of learning more effectively.

Rick Smith has 15 years of teaching experience across three countries. He has trained with Harvard Graduate School of Education, and holds a B.Ed, M.Ed., Post-Grad. Dip of Ed. and an Ed.D (ABD). He currently works at Southside Health on the Child Development Team and specializes in teaching executive functioning skills to students who have specific learning needs, including those who are gifted or highly talented.