French Original Musical Romeo & Juliette

The French Musical Phenomenon Based on the most iconic love story by Shakespeare

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“This is definitely one of the Shakespearean shows that should NOT be missed.”

 – Le Monde, France


“The smashing hit musical Roméo et Juliette has undoubtedly set a new trend for musical productions in France in next 50 years.”

 – Le Parisien, France


Romeo and Juliet, a fatal drama is brewing for these teen-aged lovers, born under the worst of stars. And nothing other than their deaths will appease the inexpiable hatred that their noble families vow each other, Destiny will scoff cruelly at their love, leading them to death. They embody all the tragedy of youth rebelling in the name of love against the conformity and stupidity of the world of adults.


This emblematic story is filled with all the timeless ingredients of the best plots: thwarted love, secret marriage, magic potion, feigned death, chance, fatal misunderstandings…


The Lovers of Verona have acquired immortal status, thanks, of course, to Shakespeare’s immortal words but especially to the obstinate force of their love, which transcends death. Hatred will always find a thousand arguments to feed on itself. But when it happens to destroy the loveliest flowers of youth, the reasons for hating become utterly absurd.


Clearly, this message has lost none of its topicality. In any case, that is what Gérard Presgurvic thought when he, in turn, decided to tackle this myth.