Rover (Le French May 2017)

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Presenting his second album Let it Glow in Hong Kong, Rover brings his own brand of music to the Vine Centre. Is that pop? Is that rock? We don’t know and, actually, we don’t care. Rover’s music, like the way he composed
it (he often writes all night long), doesn’t force anything– so Let it Glow unfolds as a unique statement for our time, where you can pick out influences if you want or simply be captivated by the musical flow, crystalline and gravelly by turns.

Rover (Timothée Régnier)
Born in Paris, but brought up in New York, Régnier spent three years in Beirut, Lebanon as a member of the French-Lebanese punk rock group The New Government. In north Brittany, over a secluded winter, Rover (a reference to his life of travel) was born and his first eponymous album was released in 2012, to massive acclaim. It won the French Music Awards’ Revelation category. The follow up Let it Glow was released in November 2015.