School Recommendations: The Importance of Contextual Fit

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Observations and/or psycho-educational evaluations are often reported and shared with parents and teachers. It is important that any recommendations made requiring follow-up are within the repertoires of both parents and teachers to implement successfully with fidelity. In this session, we will focus on school recommendations and discuss some positive evidence-based strategies and how to judge the best contextual fit. Additionally, we will talk about how this will nurture positive working relationships with schools and school management teams.


Amoy earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University in Special Education and Behavior Disorders in 2006. She is the Director of Inclusive Education at The Harbour School and one of a handful of Board Certified Behavior Analysts at the Doctoral Level here in Hong Kong and current President of the Hong Kong Association for Behavior Analysis.

Amoy has been an Educator for over 20 years and has worked with a wide range of students with mild learning differences to, developmental delays and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She was an Associate and Adjunct Professor for several Universities in New York and Canada. She sat on the editorial review boards and served as a reviewer for multiple peer-reviewed Education and Psychology journals. She was the first author in a recently published book chapter entitled “Applied Behavior Analysis as a Teaching Technology” in the "Handbook of Research on Human Development in the Digital Age."