Social Room 3rd Anniversary with Eduardo de la Calle

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Social Room is 3 years old! We would be nowhere without our staff, DJs, regulars and ravers, so thank you all for your continued support!

We are celebrating this milestone with the HK debut of one of our favorite artists from Spain, Eduardo De La Calle.

2 June 2018 Saturday

Guest DJ:
Eduardo De La Calle (Hivern Discs, Biotop, Spain)

Described by Resident Advisor as „One of techno‘s most intriguing and misunderstood figures“, or „As reclusive as prolific„ by Groove Mag, Eduardo has gained a well deserved respect and reputation inside the underground electronic music industry worldwide, thanks to his constant musical coherence and values, and almost 2 decades of vinyl format releases.

Eduardo De La Calle’s status as one of today’s Techno most cutting edge producers and artists has gone hand in hand with his intellectual and spiritual journey: his more than 20 years commitment to making uncompromising music has also seen him embrace multi cultural readings and practice Bhakti yoga during a long period , trying to undergoing a process of personal transformation and inner change.

Born in Madrid and raised in Cádiz in the An- dalucía territory – widely recognised as the heartland of Flamenco – By the late ’80s, during the period of his primary school studies Eduardo was introduced to electronic music through acts like Sisters Of Mercy, New Order, new wave groups like Neon Judgement, Snake Corps and Crash Course in Science the post punk Philadelphia band based.

He was definitely hooked on the exploding Madrid Techno scene and them opened his own record store in Cádiz and bought his first gear. Moving to Barcelona and Berlin were his next steps, until his latest relocation to Granada.

The ongoing success of his vinyl-only label, Analog Solutions (Music & Films), and of its spin-offs Suprawax and Edits Rec., has seen him selling 12.000 records in 2 years in an Mp3 and brutal file-sharing dominated industry.

Releases on Non Plus, Semantica, Modularz, Non Series, Mule Musiq and Hivern Discs have further elevated his DJ profile, while his thought-provoking documentary Beatz has been premiered in London, featuring interviews with many of the artists whom he has sampled from and collaborated with.

Eduardo has put out his new EP named Icosahedrite through Carl Craig‘s Planet E label on 26th January 2018.

Support DJs:
M Ros (Flatmate)
Ocean Lam (Social Room)

Door: HKD$ 150 w/ one drink
Venue: Social Room

Artwork: M Ros

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