Hypnotic x SR pres. Conoley Ospovat LIVE (Kimochi Sound, US)

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Hypnotic x Social Room - 15 Sept 2018 Saturday


For American-born live performer and producer Conoley Ospovat, music is something deeply personal - a means of expressing and sharing the most heartfelt of emotions. Hypnotic techno performances that are entirely self- produced and improvised take the listener on journeys through sound and emotion, texture and feeling. To distant places and back home again.

From hardware synthesizers and drum machines to ethnic acoustic instruments, field recordings and chopped-up audio to guitars and vocals; Ospovat creates uplifting dance music that is an interpretation of the world in sound. Textured soundscapes and layered driving beats tickle the mind in unexpected ways and infuse the body with energy. These musical journeys weave together the variety of styles that comprise his vast and growing catalogue of original material.

Ospovat has performed live across America, Asia, and Germany including a U.S. tour, the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, and the Spring Scream festival in Taiwan. He was a regular main floor live act from 2009 to 2012 at the long-running Real Grooves event in Tokyo.

From 2014 until 2016 Ospovat was based in Berlin, Germany. He performed at a variety of small venues, clubs, and open-air events in Germany and produced over 40 songs. These included EPs with Chilean producer Pier Bucci and Mauritian musician Menwar - both released on the label he co-owns, Continental Drift Records - and collaborations with saxophonist Noah Bernstein and violinist Simon Goff. 2018 will see his debut release on Chicago-based label Kimochi Sound. He has just released a full-length album (Layers Of Time) and two vinyl EPs on Continental Drift Records.

Ospovat co-founded Continental Drift Records with c_olvrin in 2009. He is currently based in Lincoln, Nebraska USA.

Anthony2 (Asquared)
Ocean Lam (Hypnotic, Social Room)

Door: HKD$ 150 w/ one drink

Venue: Social Room
Address: 3/F, Won Hing Building, 74-78 Stanley street, Central District, Hong Kong

More info
www.soundcloud.com/conoley-ospovat www.facebook.com/cospovatmusic www.cdrift.bandcamp.com