Solo-performance: "What's Wrong With Me?" & "DARK ROOM"

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Sold out in Singapore, the two original one-woman shows are a collaborative effort of talented women coming together. And for its Hong Kong premiere, we’ll be pairing them up for a bigger, greater, exhilarating experience. Prepare to be taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, filled with laughter, tears, awkwardness and sarcasm that’s a reflection of everything that’s normal. 



1 Actress


2 short original plays


2 heroines Diana and Fey, who are lost in life in their own way.





A sensitively done comedy piece about a woman named Fey, who goes through her struggles as a psychiatric patient, unknowingly diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, along with a cocktail of many more symptoms…She talks about her daily life and awkward moments in a humorous way. 


Written and Co-directed by Anvita Gupta

Performed, produced and co-directed by Kristina Pakhomova





A life of an expat wife in Hong Kong seems pretty perfect. After all, what could be better than being a wealthy woman, with the privilege of traveling wherever you want and buy whatever you want, instead of holding down a nine-to-five job?  Dark Room, however, exposes the bleak truth hiding beneath the gilded facade. It tells the story about Diana Halikova, a Russian woman who relocated with her husband to Asia for a better life but instead finds herself stranded with no career, no social life and  an absent husband. Finding herself in the very situation she was always afraid of: lonely, jobless and stuck, now she has to make a choice. 


Written, directed, produced and performed by Kristina Pakhomova


Suitable for Age 16+

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