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1. Workshops are only available for SonarPass or Sónar+D ticket holders.
2. A workshop ticket alone does not grant access to the Sónar festival.
3. All workshops will charge a material fee, payment to be made upon registration.
4. Workshops are open to participants aged 18 or above.
5. Workshops will be conducted in English.
6. Each workshop has a limited capacity quota and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
7. Online ticket sales will end at 11AM, 17 March. If there are vacancies after the deadline, the place will be allocated to the interested person who have registered on-site on a first come first served basis.
8. Participants should arrive 10 minutes before the commencement of the workshop.
9. If a participant is late for 5 minutes or more, his/her place will be allocated on a first-come-first served basis to another person who registered on-site. No refund is available.
10.Should any dispute arise, the decision of Sónar Hong Kong shall be final.

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Sónar+D is a programme of forward-thinking workshops, talks and interactive activities designed to explore the relationship between creativity, technology, innovation and commerce in a relaxed and inspiring environment.


Build Your Own Light Controlled Analog Synth/ Mutan Monkey (ES)

An analog synth controlled by light-sensitive photo cells, the DIY Mutan Drone-Light Synth is an electronic instrument that makes sound waves that can be modified by altering the amount of light it receives. Not only will festivalgoers have the chance to make their own Drone-Light Synth under the guidance of the inventors, but they can take the finished product home, too.

(Participants keep the finished instrument to take home)

More details on: sonarhongkong.com/en/2018/artists/build-your-own-light-controlled-analog-synth-workshops-sonar-d

Build Your Own Sensory Controlled Analog Synth/ Mutan Monkey (ES)

A small and powerful synthesizer with square wave oscillators; fully active to moisture, body resistance and light. The result is a highly chaotic, organic, and noisy instrument! The workshop aims to be a collective work around the sound experience, where each participant will make their own instrument, learn, share, hack and finally experiment with them in a collective way.

Not only will festivalgoers have the chance to make their own Mutan Noise Sense synth under the guidance of the inventors, but they can take the finished product home, too.

More details on: https://sonarhongkong.com/en/2018/artists/build-your-own-sensory-controlled-analog-synth-workshops-sonar-d


Collaborative Nodal Synthesiser Workshop / Leafcutter John (HK)

The CD40106B CMOS Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverter chip usually has a very dull life. It is often found tidying up the levels in the digital logic circuits. This is a tragic waste of a good chip and in this workshop we’ll use it for something altogether more exciting: we’ll be making a massive synthesiser out of a whole load of them... Participants will build a synthesiser based on the CD40106B: we’ll look at how to make simple oscillators on a breadboard (no soldering required), examine how changing components can alter the qualities of the sound, and finally make the oscillators light-controlled and use the light created by each node to control the other nodes near it. The workshop is run by musician and inventor Leafcutter John.

(Participants keep the finished synthesiser device to take home)

More details on: sonarhongkong.com/en/2018/artists/collaborative-nodal-synthesiser-workshop-workshops-sonar-d


f i e l d / Michelle Poon & Savio Woo (HK)

Utilising the techno-magic of hardware-hacking, f i e l d combines a stroke of graphite, a slip of copper and an audio speaker to create a musical instrument. This two-hour workshop lets participants explore and assemble such an instrument and then use it to create sounds. No prior knowledge is necessary; we invite mistakes, experimentation and random static.

The 2-hour workshop involves the exploration and assembly of an instrument. No prior knowledge is necessary; we invite mistakes, experimentation, and random static.

(Participants keep the finished PCB kit to take home)

More details on: sonarhongkong.com/en/2018/artists/f-i-e-l-d-workshops-sonar-d


Arduino Introduction with 8-Step Drum Sequencer / Tom Tobback (HK)

This hands-on workshop is the perfect introduction to Arduino, the world’s favourite electronic prototyping platform. Participants will build a simple sequencer by connecting wires on a breadboard, while at the same time developing the code on a laptop before using push buttons to program the sequencer with three drum sounds. No previous experience is needed, although any coding skills will be helpful. At the end of the workshop, you can take your project home so you can continue your experiments with Arduino!

(Participants keep the finished Arduino-Theremin to take home)

More details on: sonarhongkong.com/en/2018/artists/arduino-introduction-with-8-step-drum-sequencer-workshops-sonar-d