Songs Without Words

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Victims of heartbreak often like to feast their ears on the puppy love lyrics of country pop princess Taylor Swift, while the violent angst-filled lyrics of metal are best suited for angry days or power runs. There are times, though, when we’d like to just clear our head, listen to the sound of music, and let it seep into our soul without distractions. Songs without Words is The Underground HK’s latest creation; on this night, we will be featuring three bands - all instrumental, but that nonetheless produce very different sounds - from post rock and hysterical instrumental to experimental. First up is Topsy-Wave, formed on an accidental occasion by members of two already established bands; most of their songs lack the traditional composition structure - instead, they focus on music and sounds in its purest forms, integrating their memories and emotions into the mixture, so as to reveal the most genuine side of themselves. The Glareless is a ‘hysterical’ rock band from Hong Kong that describes their sound as ‘a brand new experience of chilling, suffering, struggling, annoyance…whatever you can feel’. The last act of the night is Life was all silence, whose music sprung from an improv session in their studio one day in the autumn of 2010; the band promises a spiritual journey that will be melancholic, fragile and emotionally charged. Join us at Backstage Live on 26th April for this very special night for a music experience unlike any other!