Sound Forms 2021: Present_Present

聲形2021: 當刻_當下

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Our memory of a place becomes obscured as time passes. Sound Forms 2021: Present_Present invites artists to ponder on their intangible recollections of a “place”, and the significance of home, roots, distance and location in their works. Featuring 12+ groups of artists, the fourth edition of the festival will open on October 14-16th, at Hong Kong Arts Centre featuring cross-disciplinary audio-visual performances, and continue at Tai Kwun F Hall on October 26-28th surrounded by multi-channel speakers and light installations.  

Curator: Karen Yu 

CMHK Project Manager: Him Cheung 

Producer: Jasmine Cheung (TKC Edition) 

Design MAJO 

The events will adhere to the latest health and safety regulations and enforce social distancing measures.