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Line-up: Ex-Punishment // DAVID BORING // ODM // K-Melo // CHAN is Swimming // Colin Phils // Die ChiwawaDie // 無高潮 // 意色樓 AN ID SIGNAL // OWK // Life Was All Silence // calmwhiner // PHOON //Emptybottles.

To celebrate Sweaty & Cramped’s half-year mark - we bring together a one-day-fest of 14 coolest acts from Hong Kong and else where. Who’s headlining? Well. All of us are. Packed with a few surprises, we hope it to be a fun and traumatic experience. We’re glad to be teaming up with Focal Fair time and again, so please help us pack it.

PS. It is an all-ages gig so NO SMOKING IN DOOR YOU PRICKS.


For further information:

E-mail: sweatyandcrampedhk@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweatyandcrampedhk/