Berlin: Symphony of Now

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Taking inspiration from the silent classic Berlin: Symphony of a Great City, Schaff has created a mesmerising cinematic journey that turns Ruttmann’s morning-to-night narrative on an all-nighter. With a live mix by Frank Wiedemann, legend of the Berlin club scene, and Alex.Do, Schaff’s film swerves from venue to venue, from high life to low life, and celebrates the vibrancy, the danger and the exhilaration that magnetises Berlin. 


After the film and music experience, join Frank Wiedemann & Alex.Do at Cassio next door for a one-of-a-kind club night with unique DJ beat imported directly from Berlin.


Director: Johannes Schaff (2018)

Live Music: Frank Wiedemann & Alex.Do


Berlin: Symphony of Now

13.11.2019 – 14.11.2019

7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Tickets Price:
General Tickets | $380
Concession Tickets* | $190

Online sales stops at 4.30pm on the performance date, onsite ticketing sales starts from 5.30pm to 8pm at Tai Kwun Contemporary in Taikwun.
* Concession tickets are applicable to students (aged under 18 or with full-time student ID), seniors aged 65 or above, and people with disability and their minders.


“Projekt Berlin”

04.11.2019 – 17.11.2019

In the head-on collision of the old and the new, of the classical and the contemporary, of order and subversion, Berlin in 2019 is the most thrilling and distinctive one among all world cities. Its history has seen it razed and rebuilt, destroyed and reinvented, torn in two and reborn. Its intrinsic resilience always finds new edge and relevance in every era. Projekt Berlin is an autobiography of a city whose indomitable instinct for survival has made it a powerhouse of creativity across the full spectrum of the arts. Through light installations, live concerts, film screenings, street art and flashmob performances, Tai Kwun seizes the occasion to celebrate a city, which despite everything that history has thrown in its way, has found its voice in every age. 

#大館 #柏林藝術節 #TaiKwun #ProjektBerlin

Facebook: Tai Kwun